Aniqua of Monday 14th March 2022

The lost kids 


As were walking to Aunt Josephine house we get a surprising shock a man who name was captain sham was with Aunt Josephine this so called captain sham real name was Olaf and he is a terrifying man.Aunt Josephine had fallen in love with Captain Sham and she had more trust in “Captain Sham” than her three nephews he had been chasing us for along time and he follows us everywhere we go just to get his grubby hands on million dollars that our parents had given us.Our Aunt told us that she was going on a date with Captain Sham which means leaving us in a run down house on the edge of the cliff so as were waiting for a bit we ended up searching around the house finding a library in Aunt Josephine office.Six hours passed Aunt Josephine still hadn’t  showed up an then a loud crash coming from the lounge  we rushed to the lounge with a terrified expression and instead of Aunt Josephine we saw Olaf in his disguise.We were so terrified of him we ran as fast as we can to Aunt Josephine office locked the door but it still wasn’t enough to hold him back he broke to door into pieces and then a loud crack came from under the house.The house started to tilt and stuff began to fall out the crack window the house was about to tumble down the cliff left with only wood and bark and little food.All three of us climbed our way out through the front window while Olaf was stuck under some couch we weren’t able to save him and yourself the house had fallen of the cliff and destroyed by the rocks.We saw someone running up the mountain we heard yelling “Violet,Klaus,sunny” the person running up the hill was Aunt Josephine! We were so happy she was safe but we were also sad because she had no house left to be in but Aunt Josephine didn’t care she was only worried about us.The end



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