Aniqua of writing

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On a nice beautiful day an island in the sky named Vistoria and a small little village called galley log it a place where people are free and allowed to explore and full of joy. This is the best place to relax and play.The waterfalls are beautiful and fresh and there are always rainbows everyday.The view on the hills are really nice and the breeze feels nice.

kia Ora,

this is my writing in Mr Moran literacy class this is about describing the picture.

One thought on “Aniqua of writing

  1. Dear Aniqua

    I would like to say well done on this writing task but there are a few problem’s, First is when you talk about the village, Second is isn’t mean’t to be “and are full of Joy” just a question. Other then that it was good.

    Best Regards: Leonidas
    Please read you work before posting it.

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