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Cartoons – Persuasive Writing

I strongly believe that cartoons have been evolving over time and have been getting better and better quality and have been created into movies,anime,kid shows etc.

For example, the Simpsons have been on TV since 1987 and the more times past the show gets better quality and evolves, they earned over 750 million dollars through time.

Fantasmagorie was the first ever made cartoon in 1908, first ever cartoon to ever have sound was Disney’s steamboat Willie in 1928 these cartoons were famous because they were created for kids and others.

From this we can conclude that cartoons have been here since the 1900s and that they were created for kids and others. They also were different quality through time and changes.

Aniqua of Miraka Kirimi

Miraka Kirimi Chocolate


Dear Whittakers,


On the day you released your new packaging title I was surprised and didn’t know how to react to it, but I want to Thank you for doing that.


It was a big step for your Company to make, and it made us Māori proud! 


But you may or may not know why it’s good and healthy to be using Te Reo Māori. But one reason everyone can relate to is that it is New Zealand’s first official language, and that it really brings out the Māori culture which if I were to rate it I would rate it a five because like the Māori used in Te Reo gives off a great theme to New Zealand.


Keep up the great work!

Aniqua of Why do we go to school

Why do we go to school?



Do you know why we go to school, and why they do school for kids and teenagers? Some people create different types of schools for everyone’s education and learning, like for learning how to read helps people to see contracts and pay off their bills and other important stuff, then there’s maths which helps sought out how much money you got how much your spending or giving, so this writing is about why do we go to school? And what care it does to a human mind.


Body paragraph 1:

Why do we go to school? It’s That when we learn it expands the human mindset and teaches the children, and teenagers more about the future ahead of them and when it comes to bills, contract,money,cars,houses , e.t.c it’s what you need the most if your wanting to get a career a job and money you must learn as much as possible when your at a college primary or university, Scientist have prove that a mind can stop developing at the age twenty-five.


Body paragraph 2:

What does education help in, Education is something that is extremely important to people and the reason how they can survive in world, even if kids and teenagers say “I hate school it’s so boring”  It really isn’t bad as people think when you get older you will be missing your schools and learning, and grateful for how far it got you, education teaches you how to ,read, count, algebra,write and many more, studying for test is very good for people it’s a record for your score your reputation and self information.


Body paragraph 3:

How does school help, school helps you in many ways with your education your jobs and things when you grow up and how to take care of yourself and your home, school teaching helps me how to cook school helps me how to work machine and the people who are the teachers of those classes should get respected by other kids or people because there helpfulness is what gets you in life.



There are just a few things that we really need to know to become more intelligent. There are many job opportunities for people to explore and different country styles around the world. But education gives off an amazing start!