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Aniqua of writing

Write here:


On a nice beautiful day an island in the sky named Vistoria and a small little village called galley log it a place where people are free and allowed to explore and full of joy. This is the best place to relax and play.The waterfalls are beautiful and fresh and there are always rainbows everyday.The view on the hills are really nice and the breeze feels nice.

kia Ora,

this is my writing in Mr Moran literacy class this is about describing the picture.

Aniqua of Narrative Writing Activity



These are 2 characters that you need to write a story about, make sure there is a climax(problem) and an anti-climax(solution).  Use these descriptions to come up with your character descriptions and make sure you describe your setting with detail.


The best narratives build up to the climax, make sure you lead your reader right into it!

Planning Here:There is a woman named Elaine. She is a princess in  a kingdom called Enies Kingdom. She is on an adventure toward sabaody city.On her way she is stopped by an ogre that wants her treasure and throne. 


Write here: 


Early in the morning a lady who was as beautiful as flowers just woke up from her bed.  Her name is Elaine as she jumps up dressed herself and heads downstairs she greets everyone in the castle with a big smile. wShe sat down on the dining table with her parents Elaine “good morning dad good morning mum” she said. She had one of the biggest smiles in her kingdom.  


A knight came up to them “your majesty we have some bad news about sabaody city” He said Queen “Continue” she said the knight says “there have been thugs robbing the city and now they have less food and supplies and have no money to buy anything” The Queen and the king had a shocking expression “Send some knights to insist in helping them out take whatever you need” the queen said Elaine was shocked as well she requested to her parent’s if she could lend them a hand. 


The queen and king declined and ignored her request. Elaine could not just stand by so she got up and walked over to her room angrily.Around dawn she had stuff packed ready to help sabaody city she had left on a horse.It was day time elaine had been riding for six hours she decided to take a break and set up a hut in a cave for the night. It was nearing night time where wolves and ogres would show so she went inside, lit a fire up and headed to bed.The next morning she woke up and hopped on her horse she continued her way to the city of sabaody.


 A hour late she was stopped by a giant green smelly ogre that wasn’t letting her threw she had tried to ask him nicely but instead he attacked her and said give me everything you have Elaine started riding toward sabaody with a giant smelly ogre behind she screamed to the city and said “HELP” and the knights from the Enies kingdom saw the princess. The princess was terrified but then she thought of something after seeing a big tree enough for the ogre so she lead the ogre toward the tree and pulled out a rope out of her bag the ogre stopped and looked around for Elaine as the ogre was distracted Elaine set up a trap on the other side of the tree. She jumped back on her horse and yelled “over here come and get me” she said. 


The ogre started to run after Elaine as she led the ogre around the tree he fell in ael hole and he was tied up in a big net Elaine jumped up and down with excitement. The knight came rushing with worries and joy. They started to check her if she was okay and not injured Elaine “I’m fine , just a little scratches from the tree” she said as they went to the city sabaody to help around with everything they needed and later they had a celebration.


The end

Kia Ora,

This is my narrative writing and it’s about a princess wanting to help a city but gets stopped by a ogre and the princess manged to trap the ogre and help the city.